November 27, 2022

Spine health is important at Thanksgiving Dinner

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By Dr. Ken Hansraj  For Immediate Thanksgiving Release 1. Maintain good posture the entire time. Proper digestion only occurs when we are sitting up straight. Good posture is defined as ears aligned with the shoulders and the “angel wings,” or the shoulder blades, retracted. In proper alignment, spinal stress is diminished. Recent studies show that gastric emptying […]

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader hosts joint Celebrate Cayman and Thanksgiving Dinner

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h North Side MLA the Hon. Ezzard Miller told seniors on Saturday (December 1, 2018) that the most influential of all social media was people “breaking bread” together. Mr. Miller was hosting a joint Celebrate Cayman and Cayman Thanksgiving dinner for seniors attended by some 50 adults at the district’s Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre on Saturday evening […]