December 3, 2023

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Working while traveling the globe

From Asher Ferguson In the age of digital technology and remote work, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way people approach their careers and lifestyles. Enter the digital nomad, a new breed of worker who has broken free from the traditional office confines and chosen to work while traveling the globe. This […]

The lifestyle benefits of owning a bar in Thailand

Land for sale around Thailand

Cayman startup, Barefoot Journeys selected to attend 2022 International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes alongside global travel buyers

Cayman’s newest travel startup Barefoot Journeys has confirmed their attendance, among a select group of global travel advisors at the 2022 International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes. The prestigious invite only event will see Barefoot Journeys place the Cayman Islands firmly on the map as a provider of some of the world’s best luxury […]

KEA creates the LOKALT collection in collaboration with social entrepreneurs to provide livelihood opportunities

For several years, IKEA has been working with social entrepreneurs to create a better everyday life through long-term job opportunities and livelihood for vulnerable groups. For the coming collection, IKEA reached out to local designers in Jordan, Thailand and India, and together with social enterprises created LOKALT — a modern take on traditional handicraft inspired […]

Oil rig workers save desperate dog swimming alone in Gulf of Thailand

By Susan Bird from Care2 Workers on an oil rig more than 135 miles off the coast of Thailand had the surprise of their lives when they discovered a tired dog swimming toward their platform. They had no idea where the dog came from, but they could see he was desperately exhausted. And they knew they had […]

Thailand: Supreme Court Backs 1.7 Million Payout

In a major victory, Thailand’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of 14 Myanmar migrant workers who bravely spoke out about labor abuses they suffered on a poultry farm, ordering 1.7 million Baht ($53,000 USD) in compensation.[1]Yet while this is welcome news, migrant workers and human rights defenders are not in the clear just yet. New legal […]

Nastya Rybka: ‘Sex training course’ model released

From BBC A Belarusian model deported from Thailand for leading a “sex training seminar” has been released by Russian police. Nastya Rybka was arrested in Moscow last week while travelling from Thailand for Belarus. Russian authorities said she remains a suspect in an unrelated criminal case, the Tass news agency reported. On Saturday, a Moscow court […]

8 Fascinating facts about Thailand

From Everything-Everywhere Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. Yet, there are many facts which people might not know about the “Land of Smiles”. Even though I’ve spent almost a half year here in total, there are still things I’m learning about the country. 1) It used to be called Siam For […]

Festival travel: best festivals around the world this November

By Arka Roy Chowdhury From times of India Cayman Islands’ Pirates Week festival included in Times of India’s “Best November Festivals” Cultural festivals are a big reason for travel, and more and more travellers are making their way through world events. Be it for music, art, or any other quirky topic, events in November 2018 […]

Destinations of the week

These will be the 15 most popular cities for tourists by 2025 By Tom Murray From Business Insider Taj Mahal Taj Mahal, Agra, India.nicolemoraira/iStock The world is getting smaller. As flights between cities around the world become more frequent, and more air routes are forged between countries, international tourism continues to rise and rise. According […]