November 29, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Oh No – Tempura again!

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Tempura will NOT go away but it isn’t making the top news anymore. It was notable Tue (16) evening that the announcement the Acting Information Commissioner, Jan Liebaers, had ruled the Cayman Islands governor must once again release the Tempura report, did not make the very top news. In fact it was down to #3 […]

Cayman Islands Acting Information Commissioner orders parts of two Tempura Documents to be disclosed

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ICO releases Hearing Decision 45 involving the Governor’s Office The Acting Information Commissioner, Mr. Jan Liebaers, issued Decision 45 concerning two records relating to Operation Tempura, held by the Governor’s Office. This case has a long history, going back to a request made on 8 February 2012 under the Freedom of Information Law 2007 for […]