August 15, 2022

New Horizons probe sends first signal from Ultima Thule

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By Jon Fingas From engadget It’s the farthest flyby in human history. NASA now has proof that its New Horizons probe completed its record-setting flyby of the Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule. The mission teamconfirmed the flypast at 10:31AM Eastern Time after receiving telemetry data indicating that the spacecraft was “healthy.” It technically flew past Ultima Thule at […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

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Juno captures new images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot From WN It’s been more than a month since the Juno probe flew over Jupiter, and while astronomers are busy analyzing the data, citizen scientists are producing incredible new images from the data supplied by JunoCam, IFL Science reports. The latest image was created by Gerald […]

NASA’s smallsat missions

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NASA picks 10 smallsat missions to explore the Solar System By Mariella Moon From engadget Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to space exploration. Some missions don’t require big spacecraft to accomplish. Take for example, these 10 projects under NASA’s Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies (PSDS3) program. The agency picked 10 projects from […]