January 19, 2022

Wealthy LA convicts can spend extra to serve their time in fancy jails

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By Veronika Bondarenko From Business Insider If some California inmates are not happy with their jail conditions, those who have money to spare can pay for an upgrade. Two counties in Southern California have at least 26 such “pay-to-stay” jails, ajoint collaborationbetween The Los Angeles Times and The Marshall Project found. Starting at $25 and going up […]

Near miss as US air traffic controller sent jet into the flight path of an Air Canada plane

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From Caribbean News Service LOS ANGELES, Dec 21 2016 – U.S. officials are investigating after an air traffic controller error sent a jet from Los Angeles International Airport into the flight path of an Air Canada plane while flying low over Southern California mountains. An EVA Air Boeing 777 that left LAX in heavy rain […]