April 11, 2021

scenic bathroom stall

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Sochi Ski resort has the most scenic bathroom stall in Russia By Tony Manfred from Business Insider This is a bathroom stall at Red Fox, a restaurant in the Rosa Khutor ski resort that’s hosting the mountain events of the Sochi Olympics. Many of the stories coming out of Sochi have been weirdly bathroom-centric. There […]

Lindsey Vonn withdraws from Sochi Olympics due to knee injury

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By Fran Berkman¬†¬† From Mashable The U.S. women’s Ski Team will be without its most prominent star at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. Two-time Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn, 29, announced Tuesday morning that she would forego the competition due to a lingering knee injury. Vonn explained the situation and expressed disappointment in a […]