October 6, 2022

Eastern Caribbean flora at risk

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From The Caribbean Camera BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Almost three quarters of the flowering plants unique to the Eastern Caribbean appear to be under threat of extinction, according to a study published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Botanical Review. That was one of the major findings of a collaborative research project of Professor […]

Vibrantly colored ‘Starburst’ scorpionfish discovered in the Caribbean

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By Stephanie Pappas, From Live Science A riotously colorful new species of scorpionfish has been found deep in the Caribbean near Curaçao. The fish is orange-red, with splashes of yellow and pink decorating its fins and face. Its scientific name is Scorpaenodes barrybrowni, after nature photographer Barry Brown, who works with the Smithsonian Institution mission […]

Caribbean clingfish: Tiny, tenacious and tentatively toxic

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From Science Daily, Source: Texas A&M AgriLife Communications Sometimes we think we know everything about something only to find out we really don’t, said a Texas A&M University scientist. Dr. Kevin Conway, assistant professor and curator of fishes with Texas A&M’s department of wildlife and fisheries sciences at College Station, has published a paper documenting […]