July 4, 2022

HSBC avoided criminal charges over fears of ‘systemic risk’

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From Offshore Bankers The U.S. Department of Justice refused to prosecute HSBC in 2012 for laundering Mexican drug money through a Cayman Islands subsidiary and other violations after U.S. officials heard from the U.K. government that doing so could lead to financial contagion and would have serious implications for global financial and economic stability. A […]

US Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans close ranks on Scalia seat

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By Mike Sacks, From The National Law Journal GOP: “Consensus view” was to take no action at all on Obama’s upcoming pick. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Republican members have closed ranks against holding hearings or a vote on any nominee President Barack Obama puts forward for Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat until after the November election. […]

Contact lens makers work together to make sure you pay more

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By Ashlee Kieler From Consumerist As anyone with bad eyesight could probably tell you, having options when it comes to the cost of contact lenses is extremely important. Just ask my fiance, because apparently I have “very expensive eyes.” I’ll take that as a compliment, but the idea that I won’t have the opportunity to […]