June 3, 2023

Global Coral reef experts launch major restoration efforts in the Caribbean

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As part of its Hope for Reefs initiative, the California Academy of Sciences joins forces with SECORE International and The Nature Conservancy to implement large-scale coral restoration AN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A powerhouse group of scientists and conservationists are joining forces to tackle the unprecedented decline of coral reefs worldwide. The California Academy of Sciences, SECORE International, […]

Restoring the Caribbean’s Corals

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From National Aquarium Last year, our staff had the opportunity to travel to the Riviera Maya, the Caribbean coast of Mexico, to help restore coral reefs! The last few decades of human activity (primarily pollution and overfishing) have decimated many of the coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean. One key reef-building species, elkhorn coral (Acropora […]

Corals grown in labs help restore critically endangered reefs

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By Samantha Mathewson From Nature World News For the first time, researchers have successfully raised laboratory-bred colonies of a Caribbean coral species to sexual maturity. The hope, they say, is to restore and repopulate threatened reefs. This revolutionary initiative was led by researchers from SECORE International – a leading conservation organization for the protection and restoration […]