June 4, 2023

China tells Christians to replace images of Jesus with Communist President

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By KATE SHELLNUTT From Christianity Today Propaganda effort in poor province latest sign of Xi Jinping consolidating control. Thousands of Christian villagers in China have been told to take down displays of Jesus, crosses, and gospel passages from their homes as part of a government propaganda effort to “transform believers in religion into believers in […]

Why are Chinese tourists so rude? A few insights

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By Amy Li From South China Morning Post After almost every ‘rude Chinese tourist’ story, unfortunately, made SCMP.com’s top-10 list, I decided to give the question some serious thought They are seen as pushy, loud, impolite, unruly, and they are everywhere. And although destination countries welcome the tourism dollars the Chinese spend, they loathe the […]

Now China’s using drones to deliver packages

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By Chris C Anderson From Business Insider Shenzhen-based Chinese delivery company SF Express is in the early stages of putting drones in the skies that can deliver packages to remote areas according to the South China Morning Post. SF Express has begun testing the drones in Guangdong province’s Dongguan city, and SCMP reports that the […]