December 7, 2023

Study: DNA test could dramatically improve breast cancer treatment

From Newsmax Could the DNA from a patient’s breast tumor help doctors spot whether stray cancer cells are still in her blood? That’s what a small, new study suggests is possible. If the findings are replicated in a larger study, such a test might help determine whether a treatment is working or not. It also […]

The surgery that lowers Parkinson’s risk revealed by New Research

From Newsmax Long belittled as inconsequential, the appendix is hardly the rock star of body organs. But its reputation may get a boost from new research that suggests that removing it may lower the risk for Parkinson’s disease. The finding follows an analysis that examined how appendix removal surgery (appendectomy) affected Parkinson’s risk among 1.6 […]

Irish scientists work on therapy to halt progress of Parkinson’s disease

By Gareth Morgan From Irish and Australian scientists combined to develop a new therapy which has the potential to stop the progression of Parkinson’s disease. A small molecule known as MCC950 worked to effectively cool the brain of a disease sufferer in a number of animal models, preventing the loss of brain cells, researchers […]

Cleveland Clinic researchers uncover new way to restore movement sensation in patients with upper limb amputations

A team of researchers led by Cleveland Clinic has published first-of-its-kind findings in Science Translational Medicine on a new method of restoring natural movement sensation in patients with prosthetic arms. Led by Paul Marasco, Ph.D., the research team has successfully engineered a sense of complex hand movement in patients with upper limb amputations. This breakthrough […]

One in 10 children has “monkey-like” ‘Aids defence’

By James Gallagher From BBC A tenth of children have a “monkey-like” immune system that stops them developing Aids, a study suggests. The study, in Science Translational Medicine, found the children’s immune systems were “keeping calm”, which prevented them being wiped out. An untreated HIV infection will kill 60% of children within two and a […]