January 19, 2022

Here’s why you need to get used to not ever watching the FIFA World Cup – or any big sports event – for free

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By PETER FARQUHAR From Business Insider Here’s how to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup live, online and free in Australia is an intro that feels a bit like a shameless grab for SEO traffic. But sometimes the news is the news, and since it was published last Thursday, Business Insider’s guide to not using […]

[US] Total state debt tops $5 Trillion

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From Newsmax A troubling new report discloses that the total debt facing U.S. state governments now stands at $5.1 trillion — equal to about $16,180 for each state resident. Total debt amounts to one-third of annual gross state product, and 469 percent of all fiscal year state general and other fund revenues, according to the […]