January 26, 2023

Disturbance likely to develop below Cayman Islands

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From Mike’s Weather Page Our western Caribbean spot is highlighted by the NHC this AM at 20%. Shear expected to relax as it heads generally northward. Conditions could be favorable for development with high ocean heat content (warm deep water), positive MJO (promotion of thunderstorms), and low SAL (lack of dry air). Will watch close. […]

Saharan Dust spreads into Texas after traveling more than 5,000 miles from Africa

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By Chris Dolce From Wunderground Dust from the Sahara Desert spread into Texas on Saturday after traveling more than 5,000 miles from Africa across the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Visible satellite imagery from Saturday presented a clear view of the dust plume lofted above coastal Texas and the adjacent western Gulf of Mexico. You […]

Time for TAR? 4 things to consider before you invest

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By Ian Lopez, From Legaltech News Technology assisted review (TAR) is relatively new to legal, and as such not every firm has jumped onboard to utilize its benefits. Also known as “predictive coding,” TAR allows legal professionals to identify and tag documents and focus on small data sets. This is done via text classification software that […]