December 4, 2023

Report: Priebus Slammed for ‘Breach of Trust’ on Convention Rules Plan

By Todd Beamon From Newsmax Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus is under attack by several top officials — considered loyalists during his six years at the helm — for not informing members of proposed changes to the rules guiding the national convention in Cleveland in July. “I consider this to be a major breach of […]

The Editor Speaks: Why I dislike abstaining

It was with some irritation on my part with our two independent MLAs, East End’s Arden McLean and North Side’s Ezzard Miller, when they both abstained on the government motion to introduce ‘one man, one vote’ (OMOV)in single member constituencies before the 2017 election on Wednesday 10th September in the Legislative Assembly. Good Heavens! These […]