October 27, 2021

Home and dry – when can investors be confident that distributions will not be clawed back?

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By Ulrich Payne, Giorgio Subiotto, Paul Murphy, From Ogier When an investor secures a redemption payment from a fund that subsequently goes into liquidation, the investor – understandably – derives an enormous sense of relief that he managed to abandon a sinking ship in time. However, the recent Cayman Islands Court of Appeal (“CICA”) decision […]

Cayman Islands Court of Appeal clarify law in favour of redeeming investors

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By Paul Smith, Partner, and Ben Hobden, Associate, Conyers Dill & Pearman, Cayman Islands From International Corporate Rescue On 20 November 2015 the Cayman Islands gave its long awaited decision in RMF Market Neutral Strategies (Master) Limited v DD Growth Premium 2X Fund (in Official Liquidation). The decision held that redemption payments made to RMF Neutral […]