January 19, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Health care and Cayman Airways take the wrong direction

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It was a good thing government managed to generate $26.3 million more than the forecasted $908.5 million that was in the last budget prepared by former Finance Minister Marco Archer. Health care and Cayman Airways travelled the wrong way ending up costing more than $17.4 million than had been budgeted. Persons needing health care because […]

Cayman Islands Pre-election Economic Report released

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Section 26 of the Public Management and Finance Law (2013 Revision) (the PMFL), as amended, provides for the Chief Officer of the Ministry responsible for Finance to Gazette a Pre-Election Economic and Financial Update (PREFU) not more than forty-two days, nor less than twenty-eight days before the date of a General Election. The Cayman Islands’ […]