December 4, 2023

A marijuana dispensary is coming to this Caribbean marina

From NAN News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 4, 2019: A 5,000 sq. ft. marijuana dispensary is coming to one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean. GSRX Industries (OTCQB: GSRX) of Puerto Rico will open the dispensary at the foot of the Puerto del Rey in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. It will be Puerto Rico’s fifth […]

Caribbean tribe believed extinct is right here among us

By ROBBY BERMAN From Big Think When Columbus arrived, the Caribbean islands were populated by people known now as the “Taino.” Most likely they were descendants of the Arawaks of South America, and Taino was actually just their language — at the time, they were known as Lucayans locally in the Bahamas, Greater Antilles, and […]

The US Navy’s largest floating hospital docked in Puerto Rico

By Tim Rogers, Fusion From Business Insider Puerto Rico is still digging out of the worst of Hurricane Maria’s devastation. Grid power has been restored to 56 of 69 hospitals, while the others are using generators. Two hospitals remain entirely out of service due to storm damage. The US Navy’s USNS Comfort docked in San […]

UM to accommodate faculty, students displaced by hurricanes in Caribbean islands

From The Miami Hurricane The University of Miami will allow graduate students and faculty from the storm-ravaged Caribbean to continue their research in Miami until their respective institutions are reopened. The university has agreed to provide the opportunity for free, allowing the displaced faculty and students’ home institutions to keep tuition revenues. The university will […]

A Homeland Security memo painted a rosy picture of Puerto Rico’s recovery as Trump blasted San Juan’s mayor

By Alex Lockie From Business Insider The US homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, sent a memo around the White House urging staff members to focus on the positive aspects of the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico while President Donald Trump used Twitter to address the problem in his own way. Bossert’s memo, leaked to the […]

PUERTO RICO – Hundreds protest to decry austerity measures

From Caribbean News Service Hundreds of Puerto Ricans took to the streets of the island’s capital on Wednesday to protest austerity measures as anger builds over an unrelenting economic crisis that has hit the working class especially hard. Protesters clutched posters decrying austerity measures including new taxes, increases in utility bills and looming furloughs and […]

Destination of the week

LOVELY ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO ATTRACTS ISRAELI TRAVELERS BY BEN G. FRANK From Jerusalem Post “Puerto Rico… you lovely island… island of tropical breezes” – from West Side Story, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim The sun always shines brightly over Puerto Rico, and on any given day, walking along Fortaleza Street in the Old San Juan […]

Puerto Rico’s tourism is on the rebound

By Peter Lawlor From Pasquines Despite a perilous 2016 for tourism in Puerto Rico with the spread of the Zika Virus, the islands were able to hold respectable figures for one of its most important industries and projects a similar trend continue in the years ahead. The main issue Puerto Rico had to contend with […]

Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning

By Newsmax Wires From Newsmax President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning on Tuesday, allowing the Army intelligence officer who leaked scores of classified documents to go free nearly three decades early. Manning, who will leave prison in May, was one of 209 inmates whose sentences Obama was shortening, a list that […]

Puerto Rico hit with islandwide blackout after fire erupts

From Caribbean News Service SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Sep 21 2016— A big fire erupted at an electricity plant that powers most of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, causing a blackout that swept across the U.S. territory of 3.5 million people. The Electric Power Authority said two transmission lines of 230,000 volts each failed. Executive Director […]