December 6, 2023

New business model inevitable for Caribbean Utilities

Press Release:- Caribbean utility leaders meeting at the 2019 CARILEC CEOs and Leadership Conference in Saint Lucia last week agreed that utility companies need to embrace a new business model built on Digitization, Decarbonization and Decentralization (the 3Ds). Utilities are uniquely placed to lead the transformation of the energy sector, which is currently being impacted by […]

Decriminalisation of sodomy in the Caribbean

From Leonardo Raznovich As part of the ongoing research that the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights is undertaking in the Caribbean, along with the IBA and the ILANUD, a group of almost 50 people which includes CEOs of top companies in the world, members of the judiciary, politicians, academics, members of the United Nations, the […]

The Editor speaks: 274 Page Mutual Evaluation Report

If I was to tell you I have read the very recently published Mutual Evaluation Report on “Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures” you would know I was lying. It is 274 pages to wade through. It went live yesterday (18) on the government website : We received the Press Release early this afternoon. […]

Caribbean Association of Banks welcomes ECCB Digital Currency initiative

Press Release:-  The Caribbean Association of Banks Inc. (CAB) has committed its support to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), and that latter organisation’s decision to issue a blockchain-issued Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in 2019. The announcement of the digital currency pilot was made by Governor of the ECCB, Dr. Timothy N. J. Antoine, on […]

The Editor speaks: Why the failure to implement the Standards in Public Life Law?

The Standards in Public Life Law fills the gap in the increasingly comprehensive anti-fraud and corruption regime and our Auditor General Sue Winspear stressed in her recent report titled “Fighting Corruption in the Cayman Islands”, this should be implemented quickly. This law was passed nearly five years ago. North Side MLA, Ezzard Miller, and Chairman […]

The Editor speaks: “May” and “Could”

In a Press Release we received yesterday (14) from The Cayman Islands Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport it addressed fears that the planned cruise berthing facility could exacerbate the flooding witnessed in George Town last month. There has been much discussion in the media, social and press, from overwhelmingly persons with no specialised […]

The Editor speaks: Utter madness and why?

It was with utter shock on reading a local police report concerning an accident that happened, according to the Press Release, on Saturday Nov 16th (I presume that should read Saturday 17th). The release continues: “…..the police were conducting a traffic check in the vicinity of Yacht Drive on the Esterly Tibbets Highway. During this […]

The Editor speaks: Garbage & power

The two things we have had in common this holiday weekend is plenty of garbage all over the streets of Newlands, where I live, due to its non-collection, again, plus two power outages – one yesterday afternoon/evening and another around 5am this morning lasting to just after 7am. The other common ground is the lack […]

The Editor Speaks: Grilled but not over cooked

I was very thankful I wasn’t in Cayman Islands representative in London, Eric Bush’s shoes, yesterday (16). Bush faced a real grilling when he appeared before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee that is reviewing Britain’s relationship with all its Overseas Territories (OT’s). The Cayman Islands is trying hard to protect itself from […]

The Editor Speaks: The clampdown on window tinting may cause more accidents

The vigorous current clampdown on what the RCIPS call illegal automobile window tinting may cause more accidents. It is now worrisome to all motor vehicle users who have had tint applied to their windscreens that it may be illegal. Without giving any warning they were going to go enact their own form of numbers game […]