June 29, 2022

The wide role Brazil’s military has played in the destruction of the Amazon

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By Pedro Marin / Globetrotter In the Brazilian Amazon, as deforestation reaches record levels and rivers are increasingly polluted, the illegal gold mining contributing to these problems continues largely unabated. The response of the government has been to increase military action to curb environmental crimes in Brazil. Far from achieving this purpose, however, the military intervention has only led to […]

What Psychics Predict for 2022

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Psychic readings can be an interesting way to gain insight into your future, and some psychics are claiming that they have seen some things that will happen in the year 2022. Whether you believe in psychic readings or not, it can be fun to read about what they say is in store for the future. […]

Why U.S. political scientists are arguing that Evo Morales should be the President of Bolivia

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By Vijay Prashad and Manuel Bertoldi / Independent Media Institute Three political scientists from the United States closely studied allegations of fraud in the Bolivian election of 2019 and found that there was no fraud. These scholars—from the University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University—looked at raw evidence from the Bolivian election authorities that had been handed over to the […]