January 29, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Missing cruise ship member found but why the delay?

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On Wednesday 28th March we received a Police Report that a crew member on the MSC Opera which arrived in Cayman on Thursday 22nd March and departed the same day was left behind. The police requested Cayman’s media to ask the public to find the missing member – a Cuban National, 34 year old Yusmaidys […]

The Editor Speaks: Vandalism is vandalism even in the Brac

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Yesterday we published a Police Report headed “Vandalism of Statues on Cayman Brac Discovered Saturday, 12 August”. The report stated the “police responded to a complaint of damage to property at a location on Southside Road on Cayman Brac. Some statues on display at the location, a vacant lot, were observed lying on the ground […]