January 21, 2022

UK: Manchester Christmas shopper shocker as ‘Theresa May’ and Co tax rain, small children and puppies

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From Salford Star MANCHESTER PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY SUGGESTIONS FOR TORY BUDGET TAXES ON SANTA AND CARING THOUGHTS – [Flights to Cayman Islands won’t be taxed] Market Street in Manchester City Centre became a showcase for Tory Government pre-budget suggestions this afternoon, with ‘Theresa May’ and ‘Philip Hammond’ liking the idea of taxing everything from the northern […]

[British] Pound drops to lowest level since 1985

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From Newsmax LONDON (AP) — The pound has dropped to a 31-year low as investors fret over the British government’s suggestion it will focus on controlling immigration in its talks to leave the European Union, ahead of retaining access to the bloc’s single market. Investors have been selling the currency since a speech on Sunday […]