December 8, 2022

The Editor Speaks: How much did our good doctor pay and why?

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Dr. Steve Tomlinson is said to have paid out a lot of money to help a large number of the so called “Independents” who ran in the 2017 elections. Kenneth Bryan, for instance, who won his seat astonishingly against the vastly more talented and highly praised Marco Archer, had started his campaign a very long […]

The Editor Speaks: Who is pulling the strings of the “independents”?

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At the last election we had the “Independents” running with the majority under the umbrella of C4C. This election there is no C4C or C3C, or C2C or any number in the middle of CC. However, there is a whole bunch of Independents running, and one of our local doctors, is behind the scenes pulling […]