December 2, 2023

9 Thanksgiving food tips: Don’t let stomach bugs ruin your holiday feast

By Emily Netburn From Newsmax When preparing for a big Thanksgiving feast, the last thing on your mind is whether or not the food you’re about to eat could make you sick. Yet every year, 48 million Americans are sickened by foodborne illnesses, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Before eating the biggest meal of […]

Online Therapy: Can it help diagnose, treat depression?

By Paul Sisolak From Newsmax But is click, tap, and chat entirely appropriate when it comes to psychotherapy? Mental-health experts are still divided over whether online psychotherapy — where counselors hold sessions with their patients over the Web — is a legitimate way to diagnose and treat depression. Proponents believe that it’s just as effective […]

Psoriasis: New treatments help millions manage common skin condition

By Lynn Allison From Newsmax For years, psoriasis suffers have battled patches of rough, reddened, and intensely itchy skin that can cause pain as well embarrassment, with little hope of relief. But major breakthroughs have been logged in the treatment of this potentially debilitating disorder that affects almost 10 million Americans, including small children. And […]

Doctor: Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

By Greg Richter From Newsmax Hillary Clinton’s doctor released a statement on Sunday saying the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and CNN is reporting that her campaign said a scheduled fundraising trip to California on Monday is being evaluated. The release comes after speculation on her health has spread from her […]

6 foods loaded with extra sugar

By Charlotte Libov From newsmax The government’s new food labels, which target how much added sugar packaged foods contain, is an “exciting” change that should help consumers make healthier choices, a top nutrition expert says. “The exciting news in the government’s new labeling is the one involving added sugars. This is a great step forward […]

Doctors failing to present pros, cons of cancer screening: Study

By Charlotte Libov From Newsmax Millions of Americans undergo screening tests for cancer every year in hopes of detecting cancer early, but they – and their doctors – may not be getting a full picture of the risks involved, a top expert says. “Screening tests are very valuable but they have risks as well as […]

Céline Dion tragedy spotlights caregiver health risks

By Charlotte Libov From Newsmax Superstar singer Céline Dion is unusual in that she is facing the death from cancer of both her husband and brother in virtually as many days this month. But her situation is mirrored by millions of others who are dealing with the emotional stress of caring for a loved one […]

Heart surgery breakthrough: lifesaver for seniors

By John Bachman and Nick Tate From Newsmax William O’Neill, M.D., knew that his 79-year-old heart patient was running out of options. She desperately needed a new heart valve but was too frail for conventional surgery. In a world-first, Dr. O’Neill and his colleagues at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit created a new way to […]