April 11, 2021

Gordon Solomons’ Summer Giveaway!

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Cayman Islands: Gordon Solomon Fine Art Be the first to get your hands on “Turtle Crawl”. An original oil on canvas to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of our Coat of Arms. It brings to thought the tale of turtling days, which Caymanians practiced as a way of survival, in days gone by. One of a […]

Caribbean Bounce Shroom is possibly a NEW species!

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By JAKE ADAMS From Reef Builders A wild new shroom morph has been collected with a very interesting pattern and from a very unexpected location. If this frilly Rhodactis was part of an import from the Indo-Pacific it would be a very nice polyp, and those neon green vessicles would definitely have potential to ‘Bounce Up’ in […]

First Standard Automatic

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By M.V. | NEW YORK From The Economist “A NEW single global standard on the automatic exchange of information” is unlikely to set too many pulses racing outside the world of tax diplomacy. But the standard in question, unveiled on February 13th, is an important step forward for those who want to make offshore tax-dodging […]