September 23, 2023

‘We’ve never seen something like this orbiting the sun’: Scientists are puzzled by the shape of the most distant object ever explored

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By Aylin Woodward & Dave Mosher From Business Insider NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by a space rock called 2014 MU69, the most distant space object ever visited by humanity, on New Year’s Day. Also called Ultima Thule, the rock is more than 4 billion miles away. The newest image sequence of Ultima Thule has reveals that the rock is […]

This is your closest look yet at a Kuiper Belt object

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By Jon Fingas From engadget NASA’s New Horizons probe spotted an object 3.3 billion miles away from the Sun. That moving dot you see in the picture above may not seem like much at first glance, but it’s a pretty big deal — it’s humanity’s closest-ever look at an object in the Solar System’s distant […]

New York State Will Loosen Marijuana Laws

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By Paul Szoldra From Business Insider N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to announce executive action that would loosen marijuana laws in the state, officials tell Susanne Craig and Jesse McKinley of The New York Times. From The Times: Mr. Cuomo’s plan will be far more restrictive than the laws in Colorado or California, where medical […]