August 15, 2022

“Town Crier” series

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Performance Artist Kunst Calls Out Miami Gentrification and Inequality Through “Town Crier” Series By Juan Antonio Barquin There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Kunst if you’re familiar with Miami’s queer scene. Regardless of whether you know the name, you might hear the performance artist’s politically charged shouts on the street in any one of […]

Five times cruise lines put profits ahead of passengers

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By Jessica Lipscombe, Chuck Strouse From Miami New Times New Times this past week described a decades-long pattern of cruise lines either covering up or incompetently dealing with sexual assaults on board ships. In one case, an employee who had been fired by Carnival after such an allegation quickly found work on another ship. And a crew member who […]

New York man blames Royal Caribbean for husband’s overboard death caught on video

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BY JESSICA LIPSCOMB From Miami New Times With cell phones held in tight grips over the ship’s railings, dozens of passengers looked down at the ice-blue ocean as 31-year-old Bernardo Texeira Garcia clung to the side of a lifeboat on Deck 6. It was November 6, 2015, and the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal […]