March 31, 2023

The story of Hillsong Music

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By Paul Herman From Worshipfuel by CCU Our Interview with Steve McPherson When it comes to Hillsong Music, Steve McPherson has pretty much seen it all. Steve is the Manager of Hillsong Music Publishing and a valued member of the Hillsong worship team since the beginning. We caught up with Steve just prior to the […]

Ocean pictures

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Earth’s alien world revealed in the top undersea photos of 2018 Ocean pictures, alien world From Mashable If something lives in the icy waters sloshing around Europa – a large Jupiter moon suspected to contain a salty ocean beneath its icy shell – perhaps it looks like the see-through, orange-speckled squids swimming in Hawaiian waters. The top […]

Ronco Cayman continues to support youngster’s education in Ghana

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Cayman based IT firm, Ronco has announced it will continue work with Children’s Helpers Worldwide (CHW) to help fund the tuition of a young engineering student from Ghana. Ronco confirmed it would cover tuition fees for the Ghanaian student, Isaac, for his course at Cape Coast Polytechnic University, helping fund his second and third years […]