March 28, 2023

US Outlet Stores may not be what you think they are

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By Laura Northrup From Consumerist Old-school outlet shopping involved visiting clothing factory towns and digging through bins of slightly irregular underpants in a rough store space that was sometimes just off the factory floor. Today, outlet stores are nicely designed stores in special malls and in regular malls alike, thousands of miles away from where […]

FBI: More Target-like malware attacks are coming

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By Chris Smith From BGR In a confidential report for retailers that was seen by Reuters, the FBI is warning companies to prepare for Target-like malware attacks in the future, as the agency has discovered about 20 similar hacks that used the same software in the past year. “We believe POS malware crime will continue […]

Credit card hackers go upscale, steal Neiman Marcus customers’ info

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By Chris Morran January From Consumerist If you live under the delusion that paying too much at the department store would somehow result in a higher level of security, prepare to have your mind blown. The folks at upscale retailer Neiman Marcus have revealed that hackers compromised credit and debit card information for an unknown […]