September 30, 2022

China: New measures enhance development of distributed wind power projects

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By Huayan Liao Contributed by Broad & Bright From ILO Introduction On 3 April 2018 the National Energy Administration (NEA) issued the Interim Administrative Measures for the Development and Construction of Distributed Wind Power Projects (NEA Order 30). The measures took effect on their date of issuance and are valid for five years. The measures […]

More than 100 scientists sign letter of support for planned asteroid deflection mission, urge funding

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By Norman Byrd From Inquisitr More than 100 scientists have signed an open letter to support the joint NASA/ESA asteroid deflection mission slated for a 2020 launch. They do so not only because of the necessity of learning whether an attempted deflection will actually succeed but also to stress the importance of the scientific value […]