April 1, 2023

Water could be extracted all over the Moon, not just at its poles

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By Jamie Rigg From engadget Researchers believe they’re seeing hydroxyl, though, which would take some extra processing. If we’re ever going to colonize another world, we can’t rely solely on the supplies we bring with us. We’ll have to make use of the resources available at our destination, with water being one of the most […]

Mars is a winter wonderland at night

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By Mike Wehner From BGR When you think of the surface of Mars you probably think of a dusty, largely featureless wasteland of orange dust and jagged rocks right? Thanks to countless photos and videos delivered by rovers exploring the red planet, we’ve all grown to think of it as a big ball of barren […]

Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life

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From Phys.org Scientists have discovered a ‘cosmic factory’ for producing the building blocks of life, amino acids, in research published today [Sep 15 2013] in the journal Nature Geoscience. The team from Imperial College London, the University of Kent and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that when icy comets collide into a planet, amino […]