December 2, 2023

Cayman: 1932 storm survivor revisits childhood home where shelter was provided during the Storm

21 August 2023 – Mr. Phillip Eldemire, (93) of the Eldemire family dynasty hailing from Cayman Brac visited the home where he and his family, as well as many others in the Cayman Brac community, braved the infamous 1932 storm that killed over 100 residents on this tiny Island. During his visit, Mr. Eldemire was […]

The Grand Cayman Bullfinch: local bird now awarded full endemic species status

By Patricia E. Bradley 26th July 2023 – Introducing Melopyrrha taylori the Grand Cayman Bullfinch, an exciting addition to the Cayman Islands’ bird list, an endemic, and one of only two species in this monotypic West Indian genus. This month the American Ornithological Society announced that the species Cuban Bullfinch Melopyrrha nigra, previously recognized as […]

Cayman: Blue Iguana Conservation and QEII Botanic Park offer a joint ticket and one great experience

(15th June 2023) – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI)has partnered with the Cayman Islands National Attractions Authority (CINAA) to offer a new simplified entrance ticket that will provide combined access to the Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) facility and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park (QEIIBP) attractions on any day of the week. […]

A Blue Iguana named “Charles” released into the wild

6th May 2023 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) and Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) has released a blue iguana named Charles into the wild of the Collier’s Wilderness Reserve in celebration of King Charles III Coronation. In 2018 then Prince Charles visited the Blue Iguana Conservation Facility and was famously photographed with […]

National Trust for the Cayman Islands regarding EW Arterial Private Members Motion

Cayman: National Trust confirms provision of comments on the draft Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

27 February 2023 – The planned East-West Arterial (EWA) extension has brought up important issues to be dealt with by Caymanian society. The issue of traffic on Grand Cayman is one that cannot be ignored any longer because of the serious impact it is having on various sectors of the population, particularly those who live in […]

Cayman: Blue Iguana Conservation launches new Citizen Science Mobile Application

See it! Snap it! Submit it! 5th October 2022 – Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC), managed by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is excited to officially launch ‘E-guana’ – its brand-new Citizen Science Mobile App. The NTCI is calling on and inviting the general public and visitors to the Islands to download this new, free, mobile application and use it to […]

Cayma National Trust Announces New Council 2022-2023

23rd September 2022– The Annual General Meeting (“the AGM”) of the members of the National Trust was held on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, at the George Town Yacht Club, the Barcadere Marina at 606 N. Sound Rd. Doors opened for registration at 5:30 pm. The AGM was held to present the 2021/22Annual Report and Financial Report for […]

New 501(c)(3) partnerships for donations to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands

13 September 2022 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) has been approved by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America as a 501(c)(3) partner. This approval facilitates prospective US donors’ support of various NTCI environmental, historic and educational programmes through their tax- exempt gifts via the CAF America portal, with the NTCI as […]

Cayman: Mangrove Carbon Offset Programme has a new 501c3 Partner!

EXCITING NEWS! 2nd May 2022 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is excited to announce that it has entered into a new partnership with the US-based non-profit organization Mangrove Education (ME) as part of the NTCI’s mangrove protection programme with Island Offsets. The NTCI partners with the local NGO, Island Offsets, to […]