October 4, 2022

Titanic explorer investigates the ‘Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld’

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By Gerri Miller From Mother Nature Network Under the sea disasters, like volcanoes and landslides, can create habitats for all sorts of marine life, including colonies of shrimp, lionfish, and enormous mussels. A remote-controlled submersible explores the ocean depths in the Nat Geo Wild special ‘Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld.’ (Photo: National Geographic Channels) If the fear […]

In pursuit of the Caribbean’s hidden dangers

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By Jeffrey Marlow   From WIRED An octopus lingers near a bed of giant mussels discovered at a new methane seep in the Caribbean Sea. (Image: Ocean Exploration Trust) The world’s oceans are a source of wonderment, sustenance, and, at times, peril. None of the Seas encapsulates this dramatic range quite like the Caribbean, with beautiful […]