July 4, 2022

St Lucia: Jazz on a high

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JAZZ ON A HIGH NOTE FOR CLAUDIA EDWARD AND THE BAND NAKED CHORDS!! Claudia Edward and Naked Chords at Jazz on The Grill 2016 As the St.Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival Season winds down Claudia Edward and her band Naked Chords are still high on the buzz from their multiple performances! Their first performance kicked […]

The Naked Chords

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As Claudia Edward and her band Naked Chords get ready for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2016, they would like to take the opportunity to introduce the band to the world – the individuals that make Alternative Rock music in St. Lucia sound so awesome! Benton Jules: Keyboardist Benton was raised in a […]

Presenting Claudia and The Band Naked Chords!!

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Seasoned R&B/Alternative Rock Artist Claudia Edward believes in fusing the right elements to bring out the best music on stage. So in the year 2009 these perfect elements came together and formed the band Naked Chords. And the results have been nothing short of amazing! The Band consists of the following members: Bose – Drummer […]