January 30, 2023

heritage Arts programme benefits Cayman Islands community

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Not only does the Heritage Arts programme play a central role in helping year six primary school students learn to appreciate Caymanian art and heritage, it has now begun extending its reach, moving further into the general community, thereby ensuring that even more people get to understand all the important elements that go into making […]

Cayman Islands Heritage Arts programme wraps up another successful year

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Students across the Cayman Islands were successfully able to embrace Caymanian arts and heritage thanks to another informative year of specialised, hands-on teaching courtesy of the Heritage Arts programme, now brought to a close with the end of the school year. Over 400 certificates were handed out to students who completed the programme this year, […]

10 years of art celebrated in Cayman Islands with successful exhibition launch

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The Gallery at The Ritz-Carlton recently celebrated a milestone tenth birthday with the launch of another successful exhibition, Serenity, set to last until mid-April, and organisers say the evolution of this spectacular art gallery has enriched both the resort’s guests and locals alike with its diverse and ever-changing artistic offerings. Led by Director, Chris Christian, […]