October 22, 2021

Malta: Regulator shrugs off Evarist Bartolo’s calls for dismissal

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From Times of Malta Financial services regulator Joe Bannister has shrugged off calls by the Education Minister for his removal because of directorships he holds in overseas funds. The chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority came in for another scathing attack by Evarist Bartolo yesterday, who in clear terms insisted Prof. Bannister’s position was […]

Malta: Evarist Bartolo insists: Bannister’s position is untenable [Director of Cayman Islands investment scheme]

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From Times of Malta Updated with tweet by Simon Busuttil, second post by Evarist Bartolo Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has maintained his attack on Joe Bannister, chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority, insisting in a Facebook post today that his position is untenable because of his conflicting role as director of a collective investment […]

Malta: MFSA Chairman denies minister’s claims, says he has no Cayman companies or funds

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From Independent mt Malta Financial Services Authority Chairman Joe Bannister has denied claims by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, who claimed yesterday that he (Mr Bannister) “is directly involved with a company in the Cayman Islands, which is also considered as a tax haven.” Mr Bartolo declared that he had no faith in the MFSA chairman. […]