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Growth amid an economic crisis – Join Reuters NEXT

The global economy is at a critical juncture. The cost of essential goods is spiralling around the world, even as economic growth slows and unemployment increases. The spectre of stagflation poses a notoriously difficult dilemma for policymakers and businesses. How…

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Morgan Stanley elbows out rivals for plum role in $1.5 billion IPO relaunch: sources

By Scott Murdoch From Reuters HONG KONG (Reuters) – Morgan Stanley (MS.N) has usurped rivals including Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs to lead the relaunch of a $1.45 billion IPO – Hong Kong’s second-largest this year –…

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Morgan Stanley adds FAANGs, Cloud Stocks to annual growth list

From Newsmax Morgan Stanley includes Alphabet, Amazon and Netflix in an annual update of its ‘Secular Growth Stocks’ list. Compiled by the bank’s equity research department, the report highlights 25 stocks that are expected to grow strongly, independent of global…

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China blasts new US tariff threat, warns it will retaliate

From Newsmax China warned Tuesday it will retaliate against President Donald Trump’s latest tariff threat, fueling fears their escalating dispute could harm global trade and economic growth. The Commerce Ministry criticized Trump’s order to prepare tariffs on $200 billion of…

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Australia: Privatisation gravy train rolls on

By Michael West From There’s no work like government work. Look what dropped out of the tree: the guide to the consultants’ gravy train 2012 to 2016. This is just NSW privatisations mind you. The mind boggles at how…

Which U.S. Companies have the most tax havens?

By Niall McCarthy From Forbes Every year, U.S.-based multinational corporations use tax havens to avoid paying an estimated $100 billion in federal income tax. According to a report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 366 of the country’s 500…

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Blankfein Tweets on Bitcoin that paper money was once odd too

From Newsmax Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein said he is keeping an open mind on bitcoin after a media report that the investment bank was exploring a new trading operation dedicated to cryptocurrencies. “Still thinking about #Bitcoin….

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Sources: FBI seeks documents on bond issues

By Eva Lloréns Vélez From Caribbean Business SAN JUAN – The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has allegedly requested documents from investment firms as part of a probe into the $3.5 billion general-obligation bond issue of 2014 and a $600…

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A handful of hedge funds just made a play that screams ‘out of ideas’

By Linette Lopez From Business Insider A bunch of hedge funds just sent a subtle message to the market: “Guys, we’re out of ideas.” On Tuesday, the activist hedge fund ValueAct Capital announced that it had taken a $1.1 billion stake…

China’s trade is slowing down and its central bank needs to be careful

By Rachel Butt from Business Insider It looks like the tide is turning in China. China’s trade data was weak in July, with lower-than-expected export and import growth at -4.4% and -12.5%, respectively.  The country’s reduced appetite for commodities drove down imports growth, while labor-intensive goods (i.e. industries…