December 7, 2023

Will America fall off the wall? Martin

By Melissa Martin “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again” – words to an old nursery rhyme.   Who is trying to push America off the wall? The great land of freedom is wobbling like a Weeble, […]

Who is Gab Founder Andrew Torba? Martin

By Melissa Martin What is Gab? It’s a Christian-owned, family-run technology company. “Our mission is to defend free speech online for all people and to create and shape a parallel economy. Our business model prioritizes our community members and their privacy over profit.”  According to his website, Andrew Torba is a 31-year-old Christian entrepreneur from rural […]

Give us your debt – in exchange for your freedom, Martin

By Melissa Martin As the economies of the world collapse like dominos, a self-proclaimed financial savior on a pale horse waits in the wings – readying to offer the world a utopian society without debt.  Give us your debt willingly in exchange for your civil liberties. Give up choice in exchange for a socialist/communist/fascist community. […]

The word manipulators, Martin

By Melissa Martin How does any leader in power change perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, viewpoints? By changing the words and by repeating the identical words over and over and over. And by using the mainstream media as a tool of manipulation.  Misinformation, disinformation, follow the science, build back better – words, slogans, and catch phrases […]

Phony Fed – phony money, Martin

By Melissa Martin Is the Federal Reserve (aka the Fed) a phony baloney business masquerading as patriotic and noble. The Fed prints money and loans money to the United States government and charges interest. How can that be? Is it a system of funny-money with smoke and mirrors?   The Fed is not owned by the […]

The world’s power people, Martin

By Melissa Martin Power is neutral. It’s what individuals and groups do with power that determines whether their motives are for or against humanity – on a continuum scale. Who are the puppet masters and who are the puppets of the power pie? Profit is not a dirty word, but the violations of civil liberties […]

Money, kids, and sex, Martin 

By Melissa Martin Talk to any counselor of couples and they will agree on the top three issues that cause the most conflict: money, kids, and sex. Of course, the mega problem is a lack of communication about money, kids, and sex. Another matter is the absence of problem-solving skills. Feelings often run amuck over […]

The butchering, botching, and bungling of logic, Martin

By Melissa Martin What is the meaning of logic? 1) a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something: sound reasoning. 2) a science that deals with the rules and processes used in sound thinking and reasoning. Visit  What is up with absurd explanations, ludicrous clarifications, and farcical remarks? My brain is in a continual state […]

Have you read the Harbinger books? Martin

By Melissa Martin Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, born in 1959, is an American Messianic Jewish minister, speaker, author, and novelist. He is the leader of Hope of the World ministries and the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a place of worship for Jew and Gentile in New Jersey.   Cahn is known for opening the mysteries of Scripture and […]

When pandemic money talks – democracy walks, Martin

By Melissa Martim The United Nations, The World Health Organization, The World Economic Forum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The World Bank, The International Money Fund, The Federal Reserve, the government leaders of myriad countries, and the list of powerful elites goes on and on – dished out money like it […]