February 28, 2021

What is the DeVere Group doing in St Lucia?

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By Melanius Alphonse From Caribbean News Now Wannabe mainstream leaders, like Trump 2.0, Saint Lucia edition, supported by a succession of ‘dumb deals’, brash and boastful overtures, have done serious harm to the future of Saint Lucia’s economic path. Further, the facilitation of so-called potential investments, public or private, offshore financial services that are driven […]

St Lucia’s vulnerability a growing concern

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By Melanius Alphonse From Caribbean News Now “Haunting, memorable and, in the field of nonfiction, unprecedented.” ~ William Boyd There can be little dispute that Saint Lucia’s economic and fiscal policies are generally unstable, along with the latest crisis of governance exacerbated by new Prime Minister Allen Chastanet. In fact, the first 100 days of […]

UK re-engaging the region, China financing infrastructure, where’s the US?

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By Melanius Alphonse from Caribbean News Now British Prime Minister David Cameron’s first visit to the Caribbean last month and the first bilateral visit by a British prime minister for 14 years delivered one clear and simple message – we would both benefit from a stronger and deeper relationship. Cameron announced a £360 million (US$550 […]