December 8, 2023

Martin Shkreli buys every Curveball RV Pass, marks them up 30,000% on StubHub

By Sam D’Arcangelo From Live For Live Music American businessman and convicted felon Martin Shkreli is reportedly selling every single Curveball RV pass at a 30,000% mark up after acquiring them on the secondary market. Fans who are interested in purchasing these coveted commodities will need to send a $6 million check to an as-yet-unamed […]

Pharma Bro’, who drove up anti-HIV drug prices, gets jail

[USA], Mar. 10 (ANI) – Former drug firm executive Martin Shkreli, who drove up the price of drug used to treat HIV by 50 times, has been sentenced seven-year imprisonment by a New York federal court for defrauding investor. The “Pharma Bro” was convicted last year for defrauding investors by showing fake account statements of […]

Old drug gets an absurd price hike to $89,000 per year

By Jon Fingas from engadget The move highlights problems with incentives for medical science. Martin Shkreli doesn’t have a monopoly on jacking up drug prices. Marathon Pharmaceuticals has received FDA approval for an old drug used to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy, deflazacort, and in the process has raised the price to ridiculously high levels. You […]

$11M Fraud: More charges may be coming against Shkreli, Attorney

By Christine Simmons, From New York Law Journal Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical executive who was arrested alongside his company’s corporate attorney, Evan Greebel, may use a “reliance of counsel” defense and is exploring whether to sever his case from Greebel’s. Meanwhile, federal prosecutors said Tuesday they may file additional charges in a superseding indictment […]