July 24, 2021

Judge suggests amnesty for overstayers in Cayman Islanders

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From RJR Newsonline A judge in Cayman has suggested an overstayer amnesty in that country after hearing a case involving a Jamaican on Tuesday. The balance between proper punishment and costs to the state was debated in Summary Court when the Jamaican pleaded guilty to overstaying for six years. After passing a sentence of eight […]

The Editor Speaks: I am incredulous when people won’t own up when they are 100% found out.

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I cannot fathom it. The case of corporate lawyer, Simon Courtney, incarcerated last year for running over two tourists walking along the West Bay Road on the sidewalk comes to mind. Courtney was driving a souped-up sports car after a champagne brunch. Despite all the evidence he told a story only a child of six […]