December 6, 2023

The Editor Speaks: When three months becomes six months

The FBI can conduct an investigation in just over three days (see Kavannaugh). It takes six months and longer to investigate a civil servant here in the Cayman Islands. How many civil servants have been placed on leave, required or unexplained leave, whilst investigations into their work performance and related matters are investigated and the […]

The Editor Speaks: Inhumane.

The Editor Speaks: Inhumane. Where are the Christian values we hold dear and even common sense? The Cayman Islands probably has more churches per capita than anywhere else. If that isn’t true we still have a lot of churches. We hold Christian values dear to our hearts – well that is the preaching from our […]

The Editor Speaks: A quick and thorough investigation

When a senior government civil servant says they are instigating an internal investigation into misconduct by another senior civil servant and it is going to be a quick and thorough investigation you know it is not. It maybe ‘thorough’ but it will not be “quick”. With absolutely no accountability as to time nor how thorough […]

The Editor Speaks: Immigration woes

With the startling news that Linda Evans, Cayman Islands Chief Immigration Officer, Linda Evans has been placed on “required leave” because of alleged misconduct I can only wonder at the turmoil going on in that department. This is on top of the news that Kimberley Davis the Director of the Immigration Boards has been placed […]

Cayman Immigration hosts 14 Summer interns July 17th – August 29st.

The Department of Immigration is delighted to participate in the Portfolio of the Civil Service Students Internship programme for summer 2014. This initiative allowed young university and high school students to gain valuable experience in the working environment. Consequently, beginning June 17, 2014 Immigration welcomed potential immigration officers as we opened our doors to 14 […]