August 2, 2021

Work Opportunities on the Cayman Islands for Aquatic Science Graduates

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By Peter Sonnenberg – Aquatic Business, Enrichment From PAC The aquatic sciences are some of the most interesting scientific fields. Although humanity has been studying marine environments for so many centuries, they still hold so many secrets. The truth is that humanity has only barely scratched the surface when it comes to uncovering the secrets […]

Working as a Marine Biologist on the Cayman Islands

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By Peter Sonnenberg From PAC Work as a marine biologist is very rewarding; becoming one requires very hard work, though. To become a marine biologist, one must go through four years of undergraduate education and around two to five years of post-graduate education. The good news is that once a person gets a degree in […]

Dancing the Night Away on the Cayman Islands

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From nativedance One does not have to be a professional dancer or an arts aficionado to fully enjoy dancing. Anyone can have a great time going outwith friends at night to dance at a club. One of the best things about dance is that it can either be viewed as a piece of art or […]