August 13, 2022

ILO director: No quick recovery for Caribbean economies

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By Wesley Gibbings From T&T Guardian Though the current downswing in the economic fortunes of Latin American and Caribbean countries cannot rate in shock value against the global, economic “heart-attack” of 2007-2008, for some it can probably be likened to the onset of chronic, silent killers such as hypertension and diabetes. International Labour Organization (ILO) […]

1.7 million people joined the ranks of the unemployed in 2015 in Latin America & Caribbean

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The ILO’s 2015 Labour Overview indicates that the economic slowdown has caused a rise in unemployment, particularly among women and young people, and there are signs of increased informality. The situation is worrying and poses policy challenges to the countries of the region. Unemployment could rise again in 2016. Lima – In 2015, the unemployment […]