August 13, 2022

Hershey asks judge to dismiss Seabrook man’s claim of ruined vacation

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By JASON SCHREIBER From Union Leader Seabrook man sues Hershey, claims broken teeth from candy bite ‘ruined’ vacation BRENTWOOD — The Hershey Company is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Seabrook man who claims his vacation in the Cayman Islands was “ruined” after he broke his teeth on a piece of […]

Cayman Islands holiday ruined by Hershey candy

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By Max Sullivan From Seabrook man sues Hershey, says candy broke tooth, ruined vacation SEABROOK — A Seabrook man is suing the Hershey Company, claiming one of its products required him to have a tooth extraction and ruined his vacation in the Cayman Islands. John Giarrusso, of Sandpiper Lane, filed the suit in Rockingham […]