December 6, 2023

US Court: Student punished for USC sex assault didn’t receive Due Process

By Ross Todd, from The Recorder SAN FRANCISCO — Wading into the fraught issue of sex crimes on college campuses, a state appeals court has reversed the suspension of a male USC student accused of participating in a group sexual assault against a female student. The Second District Court of Appeal held that the male […]

Court orders Amazon to reveal identities of negative reviewers

By Chris Morran From Consumerist While courts have held that companies have to prove an online review is libelous before it can be forcibly deleted, there is still a question about whether anonymous review-writers have a right to remain unnamed. According to one federal judge in Washington state, the answer is no. Ubervita, a maker […]

On 2013, an extraordinary year for offshore tax enforcement

By Dan Reeves From OffshoreAlert There was a time when offshore financial secrecy laws were ironclad and impenetrable. Some used those laws to engage in legitimate financial activities directed at investing, increasing wealth and facilitating international trade, but many others used them to hide the proceeds of illegal activities, disguise the ownership of personal assets […]

Cayman Islands is the new Switzerland, but not the way you think

By Robert W Wood From Forbes Are the Cayman Islands The Next Offshore Target? The U.S. has cast its tax net far and wide, more a shotgun than a rifle shot. Mixing fishing and shooting metaphors seems appropriate to show just how no-holds barred American tax officials and prosecutors can be. Yes, boxing too. The […]