August 16, 2022

Cayman: Meals on Wheels Christmas Giving

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During the holidays, some of our seniors celebrate alone and many of them don’t receive any Christmas gifts. On a daily basis, our seniors are struggling with just the basic needs. We want to help brighten the season for 320 of our local seniors by providing them gifts and treats! Artist Jason Kennedy is donating his Mercedes-Benz […]

Eddie Hall rejuvenates with stem cell therapy in Grand Cayman

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By Louis A. Cona MD From DVCSTEM Eddie “The Beast” Hall received an infusion of over 300 million cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells at DVC Stem. Eddie Hall wanted the best treatment available – this particular method (delivering expanded mesenchymal cells) is extremely potent at combating inflammation and general wear & tear on the body. A […]

Cayman Islands MS Foundation to host International guest speaker at upcoming fundraiser

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The MS Foundation of the Cayman Islands is pleased to announce the date for their 3rd Annual “Pretty on the Outside” fundraiser. The cocktail gala-style event will be held on Saturday 16th March, at the National Gallery, from 6 pm onwards. The MS Foundation of the Cayman Islands was founded by Alyssa Christian in 2016, after being […]