October 23, 2021

Evidence in Caribbean shows natives and European colonialists discussed religion

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BY ALISON LESLEY From World Religion News COLONIAL-ERA SPIRITUAL CHRISTOGRAMS AND LATIN INSCRIPTIONS FOUND IN A REMOTE ISLAND CAVE INDICATES RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE BETWEEN EUROPEANS AND THE TAINO. According to “The Mona Chronicle: the archeology of early religious encounter in the New World,” an article published in Antiquity, new evidence has been found regarding the interactions […]

16th Century Biblical inscriptions discovered in Caribbean cave

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By Veronica Neffinger From Christian Headlines Cave inscriptions dating back to the sixteenth century have been discovered in a cave on a small island in the Caribbean.  According to FoxNews.com, the inscriptions include both indigenous art and Christian inscriptions from European explorers.  The cave is almost half a mile long and contains nearly 250 indigenous markings, […]