February 5, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Immigration are a law unto themselves

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The Immigration Department are very lucky they won their case of not being forced to provide an Internal Review to a private company for a) the reasons for the fine they imposed on the company and b) the written reasons for a decision which the company alleged had adversely affected their interests in regard to […]

The Editor Speaks: Government departments are masters of stalling

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Back in 2009 Iain Franklin from the Director of Lands & Survey wrote a Memo to the Financial Secretary, Director Budget Management Unit re Stamp Duty on Residential Leases. See attachment. Franklin was pursuing the “lack of enforcement of Stamp Duty payable on Residential leases”. He said “a revenue stream which is already on statute […]

The Editor Speaks: Is there really Freedom of Information in Cayman Islands?

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Finally lawyer Peter Polack got a reply to his FOI Requests* Please see Editor’s Note The following are Freedom of Information Requests to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force showing the number of days old the requests are. This was sent to me s few days ago by Mr. Polack and therefore the actual days are […]