February 2, 2023

Your $250 discount for Patent Licensing 2019!

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You may have heard about IAM’s upcoming Patent Licensing event taking place on October 3 in San Francisco. Patent Licensing is a must-attend event, providing licensors and licensees with business-winning insights, best practices and innovative techniques for negotiating win-win deals to overcome the many obstacles and hurdles in the way of successful agreements. This event is a great opportunity to meet, […]

Echodyne’s pocket-sized radar may be the next must-have tech for drones (and drone hunters)

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  By Devin Coldewey From TechCrunch Just because we live in an age of many sensors doesn’t mean we always have the right one for the job. One in particular we’ve been lacking is a radar system that can detect obstacles and aircraft hundreds of meters out, yet fit comfortably on a small drone. The […]