September 27, 2021

IRD says Eric Watson’s companies owe $112m

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By Matt Nippert, NZ Herald Inland Revenue have described a complex series of transactions Eric Watson undertook through the Cayman Islands as “circular”, and say the flamboyant expatriate’s holding company should pay $112m in back-taxes and interest. The High Court at Auckland today heard the opening exchanges of a long-brewing dispute between the Commissioner of […]

New Zealand: Tax man chases Eric Watson’s firm for $60m

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By: Matt Nippert From New Zealand Herald Eric Watson’s holding company is facing demands to pay $60 million in back taxes after Inland Revenue decided its complex network of related-party loans and Cayman Island vehicles amounted to tax avoidance. The high-profile expatriate businessman – famous for marrying lingerie models, getting into a fistfight with Hollywood […]